Blue grenadier filets (Macruronus novaezelandiae), pH 6.7, which had been stored frozen for 3 wk were thawed and repacked under vacuum and in air with and without the addition of 0.1% potassium sorbate. The effects of these treatments on microbial flora were noted after subsequent storage of the fillets at 4°C, Pseudomonads comprised >90% of the total flora of sorbate-treated fish, whereas Vibrio spp. (85%) and Moraxella spp. (70%) predominated in vacuum-packed and aerobically stored fillets, respectively. Sensory profiles of odor and flavor of the stored material were constructed. The acceptability of the aerobically stored fillets had significantly decreased after 7 d of storage. Vacuum packaging in conjunction with 0.1% potassium sorbate results in a minimal extension of shelf-life.

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