Ninety each of beef livers, hearts, tongues and kidneys were transported in a refrigerated van from Palestine, Texas to Rungis, France. Product arrived at destination 21 d after departure (24 d after removal from the animal) and was evaluated for color and odor by a four-member experienced USA panel and by variety meat buyers at the Rungis market. Vacuum packaging most successfully protected color and odor of tongues and hearts, kidneys had acceptable color and odor if not wrapped, and livers were most desirable in color and most acceptable in odor if wrapped with polyvinyl chloride film. Buyers on the Rungis, France market paid a premium for those variety meats which were vacuum packaged in relation to comparable USA product that was transported in the frozen state. Beef variety meats can be successfully transported to European markets without freezing.

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Author notes

1Meat Science Research Laboratory, AR-USDA, Beltsville, MD 20705.

2U.S. Meat Export Federation, London W1X 9PG England.