Effects of formulated nitrite (initial nitrite concentration added to patties) and muscle type on the residual nitrite concentration in raw and cooked chicken patties were studied. Microbiological determinations were done on raw chicken patties. Residual nitrite concentration in raw (104 ppm) and cooked (85 ppm) dark meat was higher than raw (90 ppm) and cooked (65 ppm) white meat after storage at 4 to 5°C. Cooking reduced the residual nitrite content of both white and dark meat. Formulated nitrite concentrations of 100 and 150 ppm lowered the total number of aerobic microorganisms developing in raw white meat patties by 102 and 104 colony-forming units/g, respectively, but were not effective in raw dark meat patties. A nitrite concentration of 400 ppm was required to repress the growth of aerobic microorganisms in raw dark meat for 6 d.

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