Effects of culture media, near-ultraviolet exposure time, and temperature on sporulation of Alternaria alternata were investigated. Strains RL 671-2 and ATCC 36068 were cultivated on Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA), V8 Juice Agar (V8 Agar) and Mycological Agar (MA). The best culture medium for sporulation of strain RL 671-2 was PDA, followed by V8 agar, with only negligible numbers of spores appearing on MA. Near-UV exposure significantly increased sporulation in strain RL 671-2 on PDA and V8 agar. Significantly higher (P<0.01) spore counts were found in PDA cultures of this strain exposed to near-UV at 35 than at 20°C. On V8 agar significantly more spores were observed at 20 than at 35°C. MA was not a satisfactory medium for sporulation of ATCC 36068. Both PDA and V8 agar equally supported sporulation for this strain (ATCC 36068) at all exposure times.

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1Food Science and Human Nutrition Department.

2Statistics Department.