Pork loins were fabricated immediately (fresh) or stored in parchment paper for 6 d or stored in vacuum packages for 8 d. Chops were packaged in either a high oxygen-permeable (PVC) film or a high oxygen-barrier film (vacuum) to be displayed 4 d or 2, 6 and 10 d, respectively. High oxygen-barrier (HOB) film was superior to PVC film in maintaining desirable visual properties of chops. Chops had less off-odor in HOB film when they were held no longer than 3 or 4 d in HOB packages compared to extended periods of display. Pork loin chops packaged in high oxygen-barrier film can be displayed up to 6 d if chops are from fresh pork loins. Although visual scores for vacuum-packaged chops were acceptable for 10 d for all storage treatments, chops from the parchment paper and vacuum-packaged storage treatments had off-odors which were limiting factors in achieving long shelf life.

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