Various cooking procedures (roasting, braising, stewing and microwave cooking) applied to turkey thighs, and washing procedures for contaminated utensils (knives and cutting boards) and food handlers' hands were evaluated for their effectiveness in removing Campylobacter jejuni. Roasting, braising and stewing were effective in destruction of C. jejuni on contaminated turkey thighs even when the meat was undercooked, reaching an internal temperature of 55°C. Destruction of C. jejuni by microwave cooking was assured more fully if a meat thermometer was used to check the internal temperature of the sample rather than by visual evaluation. Washing of utensils with water and detergent, either by hand or in a dishwasher, removed C. jejuni except from wooden cutting boards washed by hand. Minimal hand washing procedures may not assure complete removal of C. jejuni from contaminated hands.

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1 Department of Animal Science.

2Department of Poultry Science.