This study evaluated the effect of vacuum packaged storage at 4°C upon survival of Campylobacter jejuni in processed turkey roll and turkey ham. Turkey ham and turkey roll samples were sliced, inoculated with C. jejuni, vacuum packaged, and stored at 4°C for up to 28 d. Three different strains of C. jejuni were evaluated. After appropriate incubation, the inoculated samples were analyzed for culturable C. jejuni. Control samples were analyzed for aerobic plate count and enterococci. Culturable C. jejuni decreased significantly during vacuum packaged storage at 4°C over time (P<0.05). A significant difference in viability existed between the three test strains used (P<0.05). Higher levels of C. jejuni were detected in the turkey roll than the turkey ham. Aerobic plate counts and enterococci increased significantly during storage (P<0.05) providing competition for C. jejuni. Though survival of C. jejuni decreased over time, greater than 500 viable cells per gram were detected with some strains for up to 28 d.

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