A total of 369 samples of nono, furanono and manshanu were purchased from four different markets around Zaria, Nigeria. Five hundred and sixty-eight staphylococcal isolates were obtained from the three products of which a total of 37 (6.5%) were enterotoxigenic comprising 21 (10.7%) from nono samples and 16 (17.2%) from fura samples. The staphylococcal count, pH and titratable acidity of all the samples that contained enterotoxigenic staphylococci ranged from 5.4 × 103 to 6.3 × 104 CFU/ml, 3.89 to 4.21 and 0.47 to 0.74, respectively. Of all the staphylococcal isolates, 6.5% produced enterotoxin. Of the enterotoxigenic strains encountered 73.0% produced enterotoxin A, 10.8% B, 10.8% C and 2.7% produced combinations of A and B and A and C each. Statistical analysis revealed no correlation between either coagulase, thermonuclease, hemolysin production and enterotoxin production.

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Author notes

1Department of Microbiology.

2Department of Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine.