D-Values and z-values for Listeria monocytogenes strain Scott A were determined in lean (2.0% fat) and fatty (30.5%) ground beef inoculated with approximately 107cells/g. Inoculated ground meat was sealed in glass thermal death time tubes which were completely immersed in a circulating water bath and held at prescribed temperatures for predetermined lengths of time. Survival was determined by enumeration on Columbia CNA agar base containing 1% sodium pyruvate with a CNA + 4% horse blood overlay (CBNA) and on Listeria Plating Medium (LPM). D-values for L. monocytogenes in lean and fatty ground beef at 125° were 81.3 and 71.1 min, respectively, as enumerated on CBNA plus pyruvate. D-values at 135°F were 2.6 and 5.8 min in lean and fatty beef. At 145°F, D-values were determined to be 0.6 and 1.2 min. D-values calculated from LPM recovery data from fatty ground beef at 125°F were 56.1 and 34.5 min, respectively. D-values at 135°F were 2.4 and 4.6 min in lean and fatty beef. At 145°F a D-value of 0.5 min was calculated in lean beef and a D-value of 1.1 min was determined in fatty beef. The z-values determined in lean beef and fatty beef using CBNA recovery data were 9.3 and 11.4°F, respectively. The z-value in lean beef using LPM recovery data was 9.8°F. The z-value in fatty beef using LPM recovery data was 13.2°F.

A D-value for ground turkey meat at 160°F could not be determined under the conditions of this study. Problems encountered are discussed.

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