Conventional culture procedures for identification of members of the genus Listeria are tedious and time consuming. Recently, a rapid identification system, MICRO-ID® Listeria, was developed which allows identification of members of the genus Listeria to the species level. A total of 63 cultures representing 7 species of Listeria and 10 cultures of other gram-positive organisms was identified. All isolates were evaluated both by MICRO-ID® Listeria and conventional biochemical procedures. Identification using MICRO-ID® Listeria was accomplished by determining the octal code, CAMP, and hemolysis reactions. The MICRO-ID® Listeria and the Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM) identifications agreed on all 73 cultures. The test strips were easy to inoculate and read, and results were obtained 24 h after inoculation, as compared to 7 d for the BAM procedure.

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1Present address: Advanced Bioscience Laboratories, National Cancer Institute/Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center, Frederick MD 21702.