A target flowmeter, used to measure raw milk flow, was examined for sanitary conditions in a university dairy plant 10 times over a period of eight weeks. The flowmeter connection was swabbed at four different locations along the dairy plant connection at four different times during the work day: i) after chlorine sanitization, before product; ii) after product, before cleaning in place (CIP); iii) after CIP, before acid sanitization; and iv) after acid sanitization, at end of day. Samples were plated in duplicate on standard plate count agar and on violet red bile agar. After routine CIP cleaning and sanitization procedures, bacterial counts were low. Additionally, no finished product contamination problems were detected over the 7 months of flowmeter use as shown by routine quality control tests on pasteurized milk which had flowed past the in-line meter as raw milk. These results indicate that normal cleaning and sanitization procedures were adequate for the in-line flowmeter.

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Technical Contribution No. 3190 of the South Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station, Clemson University.