The production of biomass using ground corn cobs and ground corn stalks and a 1:1 (w/w) mixture of the two was studied using Cellulomonas uda in a monoculture and in mixture with Candida utilis. The addition of C. utilis improved the amino acid content of the biomass. With the combination of C. uda and C. utilis, there was more soluble protein in the growth medium. With the addition of C. utilis to the corn cob fermentation, the relative nutritive value increased from 45.7% with a monoculture to 72.6% with a mixed culture. The crude protein also increased from 13.5 g/100 g to 21.1 g/100 g. The ratio of enzyme activity with carboxymethyl cellulose to that of filter paper was about two at the 5th day of fermentation.

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Author notes

1Contribution from the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station. Journal Series No. 11,239.