Survival of Campylobacter jejuni, inoculated into turkey roll slices and stored under seven different atmospheric mixtures, was determined. Turkey roll samples were stored at 4°C for 18 d and at 21°C for 48 h. The effects of various atmospheric mixtures on aerobic, psychrotrophic, and lactic acid bacterial populations were also determined throughout storage. Campylobacter jejuni was inactivated under all atmospheric gas mixtures tested throughout storage. Increasing CO2 concentration inside the package from 0% to 100% CO2 resulted in a lower rate of inactivation of C. jejuni at both storage temperatures. Increases in CO2 concentrations provided greater inhibition of aerobic and psychrotrophic populations as compared to low CO2 levels. The effect of CO2 on survival of C. jejuni and growth rate of aerobic, psychrotrophic, and lactic acid bacteria was more pronounced at 4°C. Campylobacters were isolated from inoculated turkey roll held under all atmospheres by enrichment procedures on the 18th day and 48th hour of storage at 4 and 21°C, respectively, with an initial population of log 6.0 Campylobacter s/g. However, no Campylobacters were isolated by 18 d of storage at 4°C by direct plating.

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