Imazalil, an antimycotic agent, was incorporated into low density polyethylene (LDPE) film and the resulting films tested for ability to inhibit Penicillium sp., and Aspergillus toxicarius growth by measuring the rate of carbon dioxide (CO2) production in sealed jars containing either inoculated potato dextrose agar (PDA) or Cheddar cheese. Inhibition of surface mold growth on cheese was also determined in open systems. An imazalil concentration of 2000 mg/kg LDPE film delayed A. toxicarius growth on PDA while LDPE film containing 1000 mg/kg imazalil markedly delayed Penicillium sp. growth. Furthermore, LDPE film containing 1000 mg/kg imazalil inhibited both molds growing on Cheddar cheese. These data suggest that incorporation of an antimycotic agent such as imazalil into food contact packaging films would inhibit surface mold growth.

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