Commercial processing methods routinely used for the cooking of ground beef patties in the United States were examined for their virucidal activity against foot-and-mouth disease virus. Thermal processing of the patties in the broiler followed by 20 min oven cooking with an exit temperature of 99.7°C inactivated more than 4.0 log10 PFU of foot-and-mouth disease virus. The electronically controlled process was not only virucidal but produced a consumer-acceptable product.

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1 Author Pete Vermeulen is with Bridgford Foods Corporation, 1308 North Patt Street, P.O. Box 3773, Anaheim, California 92803.

2Authors Urrestarazu and Huertas are with the Facultad Veterinaria, Universidad del Republica, Lasplaces 1550, CP 11300, Montevideo, Uruguay.

3Author Baltar is with the Ministerio de Ganaderia, Agricultura, Y Pesca, Republica de la Uruguay.

4Author Brum is with Frigorifico San Jacinto-NIREA S. A., Juncal 1305, Montevideo, Uruguay.