Kidney and navy beans were given different soaking/blanching treatments and canned in 300 × 407 and 603 × 700 cans with each container receiving equal amounts of dry weight of that bean. The process time (Bb) for kidney beans decreased as the amount of moisture in the beans increased. For both kidney and navy beans soaked for 2 h, the process time decreased when the fill weight was increased by 12 and 8%, respectively. For 0 and 2 h soaked kidney beans, the drained weights after processing were statistically the same even though the kidney beans soaked for 2 h had a moisture level 3.3-fold greater. Comparing 2 h soaked beans with fully soaked, blanched beans, the process time increased significantly for fully soaked, blanched beans by 9 and 46% for beans in 300 × 407 can and 603 × 700 can, respectively. The operation of blanching tended to lower the process time and drained weight of navy beans.

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