White particulates were occasionally observed in the brine of indigenous fermented foods, including sufu, salt-preserved shell fish, oyster, finfish, and pork. Products with and without visible particulates were collected and brines were analyzed. The pH values, salinity, and alcohol content in brines containing particulates were slightly higher than those not containing particulates. Differences of amino acid profiles were not significant. When particulates were isolated and subjected to amino acid analysis, only tyrosine and phenylalanine were present and accounted for 34.82 ± 24.30% and 3.13 ± 2.93% on a dry weight basis, respectively. The particulates consisted largely of hollow particles as observed under scanning electron microscopy. When the particulates were dissolved in 0.4 N HCl, evaporated for crystallization, and examined using stereo microscopy and an X-ray diffractometer, L-tyrosine crystals were observed.

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