The antilisterial activity of sodium diacetate and a commercial shelf-life extender (ALTA™ 2341) were monitored at 25°C in slurries prepared with turkey breast meat. In slurries prepared without either ingredient, populations of Listeria monocytogenes increased about 5-log10 units in 7 d. The addition of 0.3% diacetate extended the generation time (7 h) compared to the control (no food additives; 1.7 h), whereas 0.5% inhibited the pathogen somewhat (0.4-log10 unit decrease in 7 d compared to the control). Slurries containing ALTA (0.25, 0.5, or 0.75%) and 0.3% diacetate extended the lag phase of L. monocytogenes to a greater extent than slurries with 0.3% diacetate alone. In contrast, 0.5% diacetate in combination with all three levels of ALTA tested was listericidal (ca. 2-log10 unit decrease after 7 d compared to the control). These data confirm the efficacy of diacetate for inhibiting L. monocytogenes in turkey meat and indicate that multiple barriers such as diacetate with ALTA may further lessen the likelihood of food-related listeriosis.

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