Glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase (GOT) activities in thermally processed beef samples were determined with a diagnostic test kit (no. 505P, Transaminases ALT/GPT and AST/GOT, Sigma Chemical Co.) procedure for possible use as indicators of cooking end-point temperatures (EPTs) between 71.1 and 82.2°C. GOT activity in the beef samples decreased curvilinearly with increasing EPTs. Activity was 3,450, 120, and 6 Sigma-Frankel units/ml (SFUs/ml) at 71.1, 75.6, and 82.2°C, respectively; a reduction of 99.8%. GOT values at 78.9,79.4, and 80.0°C, the critical range of EPTs in evaluating beef logs imported from South America, were 31, 17, and 14 SFUs/ml, respectively. Values within this range of temperatures differed significantly (P < 0.05); we suggest that residual GOT activity may be used as an EPT indicator for imported cooked beef products.

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