The furosine content in 53 samples of different cheese types (fresh, ripened with molds, artisanal hard-pressed, industrial hard-pressed, and processed) marketed in Spain was analyzed. The lowest furosine values were observed in artisanal hard-pressed cheeses (4.8 to 10.2 mg per 100 g of protein) and ripened with molds cheeses (4.2 to 12.8 mg per 100 g of protein). Industrial hard-pressed cheeses showed furosine values between 3.5 and 43.8 mg per 100 g of protein. Differences between samples may be attributed to the heat-treatment intensity given to cheese milk and to cheesemaking conditions. The highest contents of furosine were observed in processed cheeses (20 to 366.6 mg per 100 g of protein). A wide range of furosine content was found in fresh cheeses (17.9 to 73.6 mg per 100 g of protein), which could be due to the different amounts of dried milk added during the manufacture of cheeses.

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