The effects of fumonisin B1 (FB1) from Fusarium verticillioides culture material and moniliformin from Fusarum fujikuroi culture material on growing barrows were evaluated. Four groups of six barrows (three replicates of two each; mean body weight, 11.1 kg) were fed diets containing 0 mg of FB1 and 0 mg of moniliformin per kg of feed (control), 100 mg of FB1 per kg of feed, 100 mg of moniliformin per kg of feed, and 100 mg of FB1 plus 100 mg of moniliformin per kg of feed. Barrows were fed these diets for 28 days. Body weight gain, feed efficiency, serum biochemical analytes, and hematological values were adversely affected by the FB1 and the FB1-plus-moniliformin diets. The moniliformin diet decreased body weight gain. Two barrows in the moniliformin diet group died, and two barrows in the FB1-plus-moniliformin diet group died. All deaths occurred during the first 6 days of the study. Mild to moderate lesions were observed microscopically in heart and lung tissues of the groups fed moniliformin and FB1 plus moniliformin and in liver tissues of the groups fed FB1 and FB1 plus moniliformin. Except for the acute mortality associated with the two diets containing moniliformin, clinical disease induced by the combined feeding of these two mycotoxins appears to be additive or less than additive and due primarily to the toxic expression of FB1.

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