Oysters infected with Vibrio vulnificus can present a serious health risk to diabetic, immunocompromised, and iron-deficient individuals. Numerous studies have been conducted with the goal of eliminating this organism from raw oysters. We utilized two natural oyster-associated components: pooled Vibrio vulnificus–specific bacteriophage and an extract of the eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) that contains an antimicrobial component we named anti–Vibrio vulnificus factor, which is bactericidal for V. vulnificus. Although each component alone can reduce V. vulnificus numbers independently, the simultaneous use of both components in an in vitro system successfully more effectively reduced V. vulnificus bacterial loads.

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Author notes

This article is dedicated to the memories of Dr. Ronald J. Siebeling and Dr. William Pelon.