A survey of the Salmonella and Campylobacter contamination of raw, whole chickens available to consumers in Wales was performed between March and December 2003. In total, 736 samples were taken, and overall contamination rates of 73.1% for Campylobacter and 5.7% for Salmonella were found. This survey follows a survey performed during 2001 to 2002 by Welsh local authorities and the National Public Health Service for Wales that established updated baseline rates for both pathogens in raw, whole chicken available to consumers in Wales. This survey indicated no difference in Campylobacter rates between fresh and frozen samples or between samples taken from retailers and local butchers, but significant differences existed in Salmonella rates between fresh and frozen samples and between those sampled from retailers and butchers, with frozen chickens and samples taken from retailers having significantly higher rates. However, the difference in Salmonella isolation rate between retailers and butchers was found to be due to the differences in the proportions of fresh and frozen chickens sampled from these locations, with a significantly higher number of frozen chickens (with a higher Salmonella rate) being sampled from retailers.

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