Single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) analysis of amplicons produced from a mitochondrial DNA region between the tRNALys and ATPase8 genes was applied for the detection of animal product within livestock feeds. Identification of prohibited animal (cattle, elk, sheep, deer, and goat) and nonprohibited animal (pig and horse) products from North America was possible based on the differential display of the single-stranded DNA fragments for the different animal species on SSCP gels. This method allowed specific detection and identification of mixed genomic DNA from different animal species. Trace amounts of cattle-derived materials were also detected in pig meat and bone meal and in grain-based feeds fortified with 10, 5, 1, or 0% porcine meat and bone meal. This study demonstrates the applicability of SSCP analyses to successfully identify the origin of animal species derived materials potentially present in animal feeds.

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