In the article “Enumeration and Identification of Bacterial Spores in Cocoa Powders” by Robyn T. Eijlander, Franziska Breitenwieser, Rosanne de Groot, Erik Hoornstra, Henri Kamphuis, Michiel Kokken, Angelina Kuijpers, Indauê Ieda Giriboni de Mello, Geertje van de Rijdt, Ce´cile Vadier, and Marjon H. J. Wells-Bennik, Journal of Food Protection, 83(9):1530–1539,, the following sentence on page 1532, column 2, lines 7–10 should read as follows: “A nonnutrient (1.5% agar in sterile water (14)) overlay (10 mL for a 90-mm dish and 20 mL for a 140-mm dish) was added to the plate and allowed to solidify at room temperature.”

In addition, in Table 2 for the parameter Plating medium, the Description should read as follows: “TSA (8) in pour plates with nonnutrient agar overlay (1.5% agar in sterile water) to prevent swarmers.”