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Research Article September 20 2021
Northern Bobwhite Occupancy Patterns on Multiple Spatial Scales Across Arkansas
Research Article September 20 2021
A Guide to Sexing Salamanders of The Central Appalachians, USA
Research Article September 7 2021
Conservation of Northwestern and Southwestern Pond Turtles: Threats, Population Size Estimates, and Population Viability Analysis
Research Article September 3 2021
Are Cisco and Lake Whitefish Competitors?: an Analysis of Historical Fisheries in Michigan Waters of the Upper Laurentian Great Lakes
Research Article August 31 2021
A case of mistaken identity: Genetic and morphological evidence for the presence of Redeye Bass in the Verde River, Arizona
Research Article August 31 2021
Rating the potential suitability of habitat in Michigan stream reaches for Arctic grayling
Research Article August 31 2021
Recovery of freshwater invertebrates in alpine lakes and streams following eradication of nonnative trout with rotenone
Research Article August 31 2021
Sexual dimorphism in morphology and plumage of endangered Yuma Ridgway’s Rails: a model for documenting sex
Research Article August 24 2021
Effects of Training on Side-Scan Sonar Use as a Fish Survey Tool: a Case Study in Alligator Gar
Research Article July 23 2021
Automatic Camera-Trap Classification Using Wildlife-Specific Deep Learning in Nilgai Management
Research Article July 20 2021
Annual Mortality Limit for Four Gull Species in the Atlantic Flyway
Research Article July 19 2021
Effect of Discharge on Hatching and Growth of Age-0 Black Bass in Two Southeastern U.S. Rivers
Research Article July 9 2021
Common eider wintering trends in Nova Scotia, 1970-2019
Research Article July 7 2021
Welfare Performance of Three Foothold Traps for Capturing North American River Otters Lontra canadensis
Research Article July 6 2021
Assessment of Reintroduction of American Eel into Buffalo Creek (Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania)
Research Article June 22 2021
Integrating Multiple Survey Techniques to Document a Shifting Bat Community in the Wake of White-nose Syndrome
Research Article June 16 2021
How Surface Water Management Can Benefit Fish Conservation in Urban Streams
Research Article June 10 2021
Effects of Adult Biomass and Environmental Conditions on Bigheaded Carp Reproductive Output
Research Article June 9 2021
Slow Recovery of Headwater-Stream Fishes Following a Catastrophic Poisoning Event
Research Article May 28 2021
Two for One: Conservation of Aquatic Ecosystems With Buffers Protects Terrestrial Ecosystems
Research Article May 25 2021
Inferring Movements and Staging Locations for Canvasbacks Using Light-Level Geolocators
Research Article May 25 2021
Demographic Rate Variability of Bighead and Silver Carps Along an Invasion Gradient
Research Article May 25 2021
Catch Rates for Sturgeon Chubs and Sicklefin Chubs in the Upper Missouri River 2004–2016 and Correlations with Biotic and Abiotic Variables
Research Article May 25 2021
Selection of habitat-enhancing plants depends on predator-prey interactions
Research Article May 19 2021
Prioritization of Vulnerable Species Under Scenarios of Anthropogenic-Driven Change in Georgia's Coastal Plain
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