Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is a type of concrete which is frequently preferred in different applications due to its advantages such as its fluidity and transition in tight openings between steel reinforcing bars. However, it is vital that SCC maintains its fresh state characteristics when its transportation phase is taken into consideration. Fiber reinforced in SCC affects the properties of fresh concrete negatively while it had a positive effect on its dynamic properties. In this study, the effect of steel fibers having different aspect ratios on the time dependent fresh properties and mechanical properties of self-compacting concrete mixtures was investigated. In addition to the control mixture without fiber, in the mixtures containing fiber, three different twin-hook steel fibers with aspect ratios of 54, 64 and 50 were used as 0.6% of total volume. In all of the SCC mixtures, the water/cement ratio, cement dosage and slump-flow value were kept constant. The time dependent rheological properties of the mixtures were investigated. The compressive, split-tensile and flexural strengths as well as fracture energy, the load deflection relation under flexural load and load-crack opening displacement, modulus of elasticity of SCC mixtures were also investigated. Besides, the water absorption capacity and depth of penetration of water under pressure of mixtures were measured. On the basis of the results, the fiber utilization and its aspect ratio had no significant effect on compressive strength and modulus of elasticity of the SCC mixtures. The split-tensile, flexural strengths and fracture energy of SCC mixtures increased by using fiber; the permeability properties of SCC mixture increased by fiber utilization.

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