Green Building Construction (GBC) is considered as an advancement towards sustainable development and providing a balance among health, economics, and social problems. Many countries have adopted various policies for GBC according to their conditions and regulations, including incentives and deterring programs. This study reviews a scientometric analysis of some published articles on the policies, incentives, and barriers to GBC from 1990 to 2019. The required data has been collected from the Web of Science (WoS) database, and then analyzed using Histcite, CiteSpace, and VOSviewer software. To accomplish this study, many items have been identified and ranked such as top journals, keyword co-occurrence networks, cluster analysis, the strongest citation burst, co-citation articles, most citations per year, and countries’ contribution to publishing, for the last three decades. Examining the trend of changes in publication of the related papers and interpretations of the analyses can be used for future research in each of the components, in addition to the creation of a knowledge-based view of past studies.

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