In the search for façade solutions that meet requirements for energy efficiency and office space use comfort, it seems promising to apply a combination of photovoltaic (PV) technology with switchable glazing. It is believed that the merging of these two technologies might benefit the cooperation between regulated solar protection and energy efficiency. This article provides a design outlook on the use of PV-EC, PV-SPD, and PV-LCD technologies in terms of their utility for office buildings in moderate climates. This study concerns thermal, optical-visual, energetic, and technical issues, and a comparative method was applied. Based on current scientific research, the results of the analysis were juxtaposed with the requirements of the office working environment: natural lighting, thermal protection, glare protection, privacy control, energy efficiency, and technical reliability. The juxtaposition of these aspects revealed the advantages and disadvantages of a given solution from an architectural point of view. PV-EC technology in a side-by-side system was found to be the most appropriate solution and the results may be applied to make preliminary design decisions.

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