Residents’ attitudes towards new bio-based products such as wood play an important role in the anticipated transition towards a forest-based bioeconomy. Timber apartment buildings (over two-story) represent a modern bio-based business opportunity for endorsing low-carbon urban housing. This paper investigated residents’ experience in timber apartment buildings in Finland. In this study, a questionnaire was conducted among residents. The 308 received responses highlighted that: (1) residents were mostly quite satisfied with their current residence, living environment, and apartment’s functionality, (2) respondents had generally a positive attitude towards overall appearance and architecture of their buildings, (3) the majority thought that ecological issues would influence their own choice of residence, (4) presence of fire alarm system and automatic sprinkler system were assessed as the factors that improve life safety, (5) participants mostly drew attention to the properties of timber apartment buildings regarding good sound insulation and good indoor climate, and (6) surveyed residents would most like to move into two-story residential buildings and apartment buildings. These results will help provide a better understanding of the contemporary timber residential market and constitute a basis for interested parties e.g. policymakers, developers, and construction companies to pave better ways for future housing development in Finland.

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