Green building is a promising solution for reducing the negative environmental impacts of buildings. Government involvement is the driver to overcoming obstacles and the rapid development of green buildings. However, reviews are unavailable on green building-related strategies and policies adopted by the government at a national level. To fill this gap, this paper first gives an up-to-date summary of the overall development status of green building projects in Singapore, which is considered an active pioneer for the green building industry. Then, the policy instruments adopted by the government were reviewed systematically. The results reveal that the Singapore government launched a wide variety of green building policies in different stages of green building development. Furthermore, developing a scientific and reliable rating tool is a fundamental strategy for green building. At present, inadequate green building-related regulatory systems are still the main obstacles to the implementation of green building in many nations. In this regard, this paper will provide a valuable reference for policymakers to develop effective and efficient strategies for promoting green building.

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