This research presents the current state of understanding on strategies to update green building rating tools (GBRTs). Based on existing literature, the study determined the GBRT-updating requirements (URs) and their related technical elements (TEs) and integrated them to form a system framework through Functional Quality Development. The framework emphasizes the interaction and balance between expert deliberation and stakeholder participation, and fully considers the complementarity between international experience and local practice. Subsequently, the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process was used to determine the relative importance of URs while the Fuzzy Set Theory was used to quantify the correlation between URs and TEs. Finally, the Green Building Index (GBI) was used as the research sample to apply the proposed model, whose outputs were then analyzed by using the Importance-Performance Analysis method. Then, appropriate technical improvement suggestions for the updating of GBI were derived. The study explores the technical update of GBRT in the form of extensive participation and utilizes the knowledge complementarity among decision-makers. Furthermore, the proposed framework provides practical help to guide the update of GBRTs for developing countries.

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