This study suggests a design technique by evaluating and predicting the thermal performance of the passive design technique, which can be introduced in the early design stage, by focusing on office buildings in temperate climate conditions. In the case of office buildings, the thermal environment should be significantly improved, as the energy load ratio is high due to the climatic environment and physical environmental conditions. Therefore, among the passive design techniques introduced in our previous studies, the level of energy reduction in cooling and heating loads, focusing on the south orientation, sun shading form, courtyard, atrium, horizontal louver, vertical louver, raised roof, and green roof, which control the thermal environment, were comparatively analyzed through simulation. The relative energy load of the analysis model (compared to the base model) was calculated to compare and analyze the environmental performance between the passive design techniques. From the analysis, it was found that reducing the area of solar gain in summer or applying a solar shading device are the most effective passive design techniques for office buildings in temperate climates.

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