The agenda of Industry 4.0 strongly affects design and construction at all its phases, and three-Dimensional Printing (3DP) is an essential part of it. The emerging technology has the potential to become a more valid and accepted form of construction. This research is based on a literature review regarding the relationships between the concepts of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and energy efficiency for 3DP in construction research to understand the developments. Systematic bibliometric and scientometric analyses are used as data analysis techniques to make a detailed comparison. The comparison allowed for assessing and determining the current state, benefits, limitations, and future outlook. Current research is based on insights examining materials first (80%), followed by walls (15%), buildings (11%), and 3DP technology (6%). The findings highlight that 3DP technology offers significant advantages in terms of time efficiency, reliability, ecological impact, and sustainability within the construction industry. However, several challenges, such as the complexity of material mixture content design, the lack of standardized 3DP materials and codes, and the limited availability of experts in the field, prevent its widespread adoption. Further advancement of 3DP requires the development of standards, policies, training and materials for its full implementation in the construction industry.

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