A vertical green system (VGS) proposes numerous benefits, expanding from the principles of sustainable social, environmental and economic development, such as aesthetics, health and ecology. While extensive research exists on VGS in terms of benefits, application, plant selection and design, limited attention has been given to the operational and long-term lifecycle maintenance of VGS, particularly in tropical climates such as Malaysia. Therefore, this paper aims to explore current VGS maintenance practices and issues in the tropical climate of Malaysia. Qualitative analysis was employed to study maintenance practices in commercial and institutional buildings in Malaysia. The qualitative data was then compared with international green wall guidelines to benchmark with current maintenance practices in Malaysia. The study revealed that the absence of a green wall guideline in Malaysia has resulted in a reliance on a limited number of competent experts on green walls, potentially contributing to higher installation and maintenance costs. These findings provide valuable insights into the impact of national guidelines on green wall maintenance practices in Malaysia, assisting building managers and policymakers in formulating appropriate maintenance practices and guidelines.

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