Green roof technology and implementation are taking root in North America at an accelerating pace. Growing recognition of the benefits of green roofs and increasing interest in green infrastructure are leading to expansion of green roof technologies that have been in use for decades in Europe and elsewhere. While some regions have adopted the use of green roofs on a large scale, other areas are warming up to the concept more slowly. Large-scale implementation of green roofs has not yet occurred in Indiana, but a number of exemplary projects have been constructed, and there are signs that interest in the technology is increasing in the state. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of green roof technology, analyze selected green roofs in Indiana, explore trends in the state, and address issues for future development of green roof technology in the region. A variety of green roofs were investigated throughout the state. Discussions were held with individuals involved in each project to obtain technical and logistical details of green roof design, installation, and performance.

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