As green building rating systems such as LEED™ become more popular, the use of recycled materials in construction is increasing. Concrete can be produced with significant quantities of supplementary cementitious materials or recycled aggregate materials. However, modifying concrete mixture proportions for improved recycled content credits also impacts strength and long-term durability. Without properly understanding the effects recycled materials have on concrete, greener concrete can be less desirable from a lifecycle perspective from poor durability. This research investigates the impacts different types and quantities of supplementary cementitious materials and recycled concrete aggregate have on strength development and concrete durability, specifically deicer scaling. Improvements to deicer scaling resistance were investigated using a novel soybean oil sealer. The concrete mixtures were also evaluated within the LEED™ recycled materials criteria for selection based on economy and total contribution value. Considerations are included to assist designers in the selection of greener concrete mixtures for appropriate applications.

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