Long-term planning is essential for larger institutions to achieve sustainable goals and visions. To be truly sustainable, individual projects must fit within a larger scope of campus planning. Landscape and site systems such as parking, transportation, pedestrian connectivity, storm water treatment, and human health and well-being must be considered and coordinated.

The Cayuga Medical Center in Ithaca, New York, is an example of effective long-term master planning that takes into account both building sustainability and site sustainability. Master planning for the campus incorporated guidelines such as creating a healing environment, improving wayfinding and site circulation, minimizing impervious surfaces, and increasing stormwater quality. Individual projects were incorporated under the master plan to express the overall vision and create a more sustainable campus with numerous opportunities to view and experience gardens and nature.

The Emergency Department addition received LEED Silver certification and is the first hospital project in New York State to receive LEED certification. Two additional projects are in the process of seeking LEED certification.

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