Canada has dealt with many of the same challenges managing scrap tires as found in other countries; however, with the world's second largest land mass and one of the lowest population densities, the challenges of recycling tires in Canada can be even more daunting.

Over 350,000 tons of tires are discarded each year in Canada. That is the equivalent of 35 million passenger car tires—or one tire per Canadian—generated as waste annually. Of this total, the province of Manitoba is responsible for generating 1.3 million scrap tires annually, requiring an in-province environmental management solution. Tire Stewardship Manitoba's role is to ensure that every tire from every corner of the province is collected and processed, as well as finding markets for its recycled tire rubber products.

The purpose of this article is to provide the practicing professional some insight into tire recycling in Canada and Tire Stewardship Manitoba's role. It also serves as an introduction to creating more sustainable buildings and landscapes using recycled tire materials and products in new building, road, or landscape projects.

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Author notes


Brett Eckstein is the Executive Director of Tire Stewardship Manitoba (TSM), a not-for-profit industry association formed to operate a scrap tire recycling program on behalf of tire retailers in Manitoba. Mr. Eckstein previously worked for the Manitoba Government where he was responsible for the development and implementation of “Manitoba's Sustainable Development Procurement Guidelines,” and was a key contributor to the province's Green Strategy Initiatives before joining TSM in 2008. Email: bretteckstein@TSMB.CA.