As energy codes become more stringent, maximising the energy efficiency of the glazing used in buildings becomes of greater importance. Many new solutions have been proposed to reduce heat transfer through windows. One such technology that is currently growing in prominence is vacuum insulated glazing (VIG). VIG has been manufactured successfully in Japan for over 16 years, and although used primarily in Asian markets, its use has been growing in both Europe and North America over the last five years.

VIG is different from other insulated glass technologies, providing excellent energy efficiency whilst maintaining an ultra-thin form factor—6.2 mm being the thinnest. A large range of product options are available and will be described in detail in this article, as well as a number of examples of their use. The advantages of using VIG in both retrofit of older buildings and the glazing of new construction will be detailed and new developments in the technology discussed. It will be demonstrated that VIG will be a key technology in the future, giving new options to building designers.

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