As of January 2021, all articles published in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education (JGME) are open access. From the journal's inception our goal has been to provide a venue to disseminate the most important developments in graduate medical education research and provide a platform for evidence-based discussion of key issues. We believe that moving to open access will enhance achievement of these goals.

Previously, while many articles (editorials, perspectives, key research and innovation articles, and commentaries) were open access to the public at the time of publication, remaining articles were kept behind a paywall for 1 year. This change removes that financial barrier, by opening our content to the entire GME community as it is published. This will create more equity for those with limited resources and remove hurdles for those seeking solutions to imminent challenges.

Our publisher, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), has provided exceptional support for the journal as it grows as a key research hub and discussion forum, while allowing the editorial board to independently review and select articles for publication. The ACGME believes that JGME is a valuable service provided to the entire GME community, rather than a source of funds. We are extremely fortunate and grateful that this publication model will now allow JGME to provide full access, to all readers.

We welcome comments regarding this change on Twitter @JournalofGME.