Submission Deadline: 8:00 Am CT, Tuesday, October 15, 2024

The Journal of Graduate Medical Education (JGME) is seeking novel graduate medical education (GME) interventions or assessments that have been implemented at least once and appear successful in preliminary evaluations. These interventions can be an innovation in curricula, teaching, assessment, quality and safety, program evaluation, supervision, faculty development, or other topics relevant to GME (eg, transitions to GME, transitions to practice). We particularly encourage submissions highlighting climate-related initiatives in GME.

Selected papers will be published in the June 2025 issue of JGME.

This call is for all authors involved in graduate medical education including international authors.


  • New Ideas must describe an intervention that is novel—not just locally but to GME broadly.

  • The intervention must have been implemented at least once; longer implementation is preferable.

  • While outcomes data may be preliminary, it must be included; feasibility (effort, costs) and acceptability (to subjects) must be discussed.

  • Preliminary evidence should suggest that the intervention is successful.

  • Replication of the intervention in other specialties is explained.

New Ideas Manuscript Format

  • Must be no more than 600 words, including up to 2 references.

  • Must be organized into 3 parts: Setting and Problem, Intervention (the “New Idea”), and Outcomes to Date.

  • May include 1 figure or table (do not include multiple figures/tables in your figure/table).

  • No supplementary materials are allowed.

  • Must be submitted via the online editorial management system [in abstract section put NA] ( by 8:00 Am CT, Tuesday, October 15, 2024.

Acceptance decisions will be communicated by Friday, January 31, 2025. NOTE: Due to the brevity of these submissions, manuscripts that are not accepted will not receive editor comments. Manuscripts not following the required submission format and/or submission deadline will not be considered.

Email questions to [email protected].