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JGME for Residents

Welcome to the Resident section of the Journal of Graduate Medical Education (JGME)! On this page, you will find a collection of carefully selected open access articles relevant to resident physician life, and information on submitting a manuscript. 


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Submit a Manuscript

JGME welcomes submissions of manuscripts from residents and fellows.

The Journal regularly publishes works authored or co-authored by residents and fellows. In addition to medical education research, educational innovations, and descriptions of quality improvement, submissions include perspectives, essays, literary pieces describing your experience as residents and fellows, and your thoughts about your learning environment.

Author instructions are located here. Manuscripts from residents and fellows undergo the same peer-review process as all JGME submissions.


Recent JGME Articles of Particular Interest to Residents and Fellows

Guidance for Resident Authors

Clinical Learning Environment

Mentoring and Being Mentored


Scholarly Activities

Select JGME Articles Authored by Residents and Fellows

Harnessing the Power of Medical Twitter for Mentorship

What Traditional Lectures Can Learn From Podcasts

CREOGs Over Coffee: Feasibility of an Ob-Gyn Medical Education Podcast by Residents

Trainees' Perceptions of the Transition From Medical School to Residency

Everyone Is Awesome: Analyzing Letters of Reference in a General Surgery Residency Selection Process

Family Medicine Faculty Time Allocation and Burnout: A Residency Research Network of Texas Study

Graduate Medical Education Virtual Interviews and Recruitment in the Era of COVID-19

The Hidden Curriculum of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Creating a COVID-19 Action Plan for GME Programs

Shared Loneliness During COVID-19

Braving the COVID-19 Pandemic

I-PASS Illness Severity Identifies Patients at Risk for Overnight Clinical Deterioration

Sketching an Approach to Clinical Education: What We Can Learn From Improvisation

Questioning Family-Centered Rounds: A Pediatric Resident's Challenge

Characteristics of ACGME Residency Programs That Select Osteopathic Medical Graduates

Pro Re Nata

In Vein

Introducing our Resident Members

Resident Editorial Board Members:

Tiffany N. Anderson, MD, General Surgery Resident, University of Florida

Arianne “Cuff” Baker, MD, Clinical Fellow, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital

Samantha Baker, MD, MS-HPEd, General Surgery Resident, VA Quality Scholar Research Fellow, University of Alabama

Timothy G. Dyster, MD, Chief Medical Resident, University of California, San Francisco

Charlotte Gamble, MD, MPH, Fellow, Gynecologic Oncology, NewYork-Presbyterian

Quentin R. Youmans, MD, Fellow, Department of Medicine, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


Resident Journal Oversight Committee Member:

Nikki Burish, MD, MPH, Plastic Surgery Chief Resident, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Nikki Burish, MD

Dr. Nikki Burish is a Resident Member of the ACGME Journal Oversight Committee, which manages the business operations of JGME. She details her experience as a Resident Member as well as a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Resident Representative on the Council of Review Committee Residents (CRCR) in the following Q&A.

What have been the most rewarding aspects in serving as a Resident Member of the Journal Oversight Committee?
The most rewarding aspect has been the opportunity to build extra clinical relationships with mentors, role models, and colleagues; many of whom I would never have the opportunity to meet, learn from, and work with outside of the JOC. Working with this committee has led me to a better understanding of the complexities that exist in the advancement of quality research and scholarship in the medical field. Also, participating in and seeing the business development and financial aspects of the operations of the JGME is a welcomed opportunity to use some of the skills and knowledge I acquired during my Master of Public Health in Healthcare Policy and Management at the Harvard School of Public Health.

What has been your role on the ACGME CRCR?
I am the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Resident Representative on the ACGME CRCR. The CRCR is composed of 34 members, including the current resident representatives of the ACGME Board Specialty Review Committees, Osteopathic Principles Committee, and a public member appointed by the ACGME Board of Directors. Our role is to advise the ACGME Board about graduate medical education, accreditation, and resident/fellow issues.

How has being a member of these committees affected your career as a resident physician?
As a resident physician, we oftentimes become hyper-focused on our particular specialty, developing impeccable clinical judgement and mastering surgical techniques. The opportunity to serve on these ACGME committees has exposed me to myriad specialties, views, ways of thinking, and approaching problems, which has been pivotal in shaping my personal growth as both a surgeon and a future academic leader. Importantly, it has allowed the opportunity to meet and collaborate with others in this large, but tightly knit, community of graduate medical education, stimulating both personal and professional growth.

What more can JGME do to engage residents and fellows?
The JGME should continue to spread the word (with the help of the CRCR!) about the extraordinary articles, e-resources, and opportunities abound, available through the JGME, including the International Supplement and Rip Out articles (some of my favorite parts of the journal).

What would you say to residents who may be interested in serving in a similar role as yours?
Go for it! It will be the best decision you make. Talk to your mentors, fellow colleagues, or reach out to anyone, past or present, at the ACGME and get involved as soon as you can. I am so fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to be involved with the ACGME. It has truly been one of the greatest highlights of my residency.

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