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A collection of articles about remediation in graduate medical education

2021 JGME Articles

Unheard Voices: A Qualitative Study of Resident Perspectives on Remediation
Sara M. Krzyzaniak, MD; Bonnie Kaplan, MD, MS; Daniella Lucas, MD; Elizabeth Bradley, PhD; Stephen J. Wolf, MD

2020 JGME Articles

2019 JGME Articles

Remediation of the Struggling Clinical Educator
Gregory S. Cherr, MD; Susan M. Orrange, PhD; Roseanne C. Berger, MD

2018 JGME Articles

Long-Term Outcomes of a Simulation-Based Remediation for Residents and Faculty With Unprofessional Behavior
Jeannette Guerrasio, MD; Eva M. Aagaard, MD

Legal Considerations in the Remediation and Dismissal of Graduate Medical Trainees
Cedric Lefebvre, MD; Kelly Williamson, MD; Peter Moffett, MD; Angela Cummings, JD; Beth Gianopulos, JD; Elizabeth Winters, JD; Mitchell Sokolosky, MD

Simple Frameworks for Daily Work: Innovative Strategies to Coach Residents Struggling With Time Management, Organization, and Efficiency
Allison S. DeKosky, MD; Mina S. Sedrak, MD, MS; Eric Goren, MD; C. Jessica Dine, MD, MSHP; Karen M. Warburton, MD

2017 JGME Articles

Comprehensive Assessment of Struggling Learners Referred to a Graduate Medical Education Remediation Program
Karen M. Warburton, MD; Eric Goren, MD; C. Jessica Dine, MD, MSHP

Remediation Strategies for Systems-Based Practice and Practice-Based Learning and Improvement Milestones
Kelly Williamson, MD; Maria Moreira, MD; Erin Quattromani, MD; Jessica L. Smith, MD

2016 JGME Articles

Remediation Methods for Milestones Related to Interpersonal and Communication Skills and Professionalism
Linda Regan, MD; Braden Hexom, MD; Steven Nazario, MD; Sneha A. Chinai, MD; Annette Visconti, MD; Christine Sullivan, MD

2013 JGME Articles

Focused Board Intervention (FBI): A Remediation Program for Written Board Preparation and the Medical Knowledge Core Competency
Annette Visconti, MD; Theodore Gaeta, DO, MPH; Michael Cabezon, MD; William Briggs, PhD; Matthew Pyle, MD

Remediation in the Context of the Competencies: A Survey of Pediatrics Residency Program Directors
Meredith P. Riebschleger, MD, MS; Hilary M. Haftel, MD, MHPE

2012 JGME Articles

Determining Need for Remediation Through Postrotation Evaluations
Jeannette Guerrasio, MD; Ethan Cumbler, MD; Adam Trosterman, MD; Heidi Wald, MD; Suzanne Brandenburg, MD; Eva Aagaard, MD

2010 JGME Articles

Resident Evaluation and Remediation: A Comprehensive Approach
Jim S. Wu, MD; Bettina Siewert, MD; Phillip M. Boiselle, MD

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