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Rip Outs

The aim of the Rip Out section of JGME is to provide resources to educators. Rip Outs are designed to provide readers with information to facilitate their ongoing development as educators in graduate medical education. They are arranged here by topic.

Each Rip Out is formatted to facilitate quick reading and intended to be ‘‘ripped out’’ (or downloaded) from the Journal. Each article begins with the specific problem or challenge and includes key evidence and best practices from the literature, immediate and long-term action steps, and references and resources for further reading.

The Rip Out section is a collaborative effort by members of the JGME Editorial Board and solicited authors.

If you would like to suggest topics for Rip Outs or have ideas regarding topics, or ideas to enhance use and dissemination of this resource, please contact us at [email protected].


Faculty- and Program-Level Adaptations to Competency-Based Assessment Demands
Jeanette Zhang, MD; S. Beth Bierer, PhD; Colleen Y. Colbert, PhD; Judith French, PhD

Building a Strong Clinician-Investigator Community of Practice
Audrea Burns, PhD; Christopher Williams, MD, PhD; Jordan Orange, MD, PhD; Satid Thammasitboon, MD, MHPE

The Business of Being a Clinician Educator Leader Series

Navigating the Rapids: How Government Funds Flow to Graduate Medical Education
Mary Jo Wagner, MD, FACEP; Harold A. Frazier, MD, FACS; Jeffrey S. Berger, MD, MBA

Making a Business Case for Investing in Graduate Medical Education
Shelly R. Monks, MBA, FACHE; Jacob L. Bidwell, MD; Mary Jo Wagner, MD

Clinician Educator Career Development Series

Shaping a Career as a Clinician Educator
Avraham Z. Cooper, MD; Matthew G. Tuck, MD, MEd, FACP; Kathryn M. Andolsek, MD, MPH; David M. Irby, MDiv, PhD; Deborah Simpson, PhD

Reclaiming the Calendar: Time Management for the Clinician Educator
Cory J. Pitre, MD, FAAEM; Carla M. Pugh, MD, PhD, FACS

Coaching for Clinician Educators
Jeremy Branzetti, MD, MHPE; Linda M. Love, EdD; Elaine E. Schulte, MD, MPH, BCC 

Demonstrating Clinician Educator Value
Karen Marcdante, MD; Soma Wali, MD; Luann Wilkerson, EdD; Deborah Simpson, PhD

Mid to Senior Clinician Educator Career Transitions and Vitality
Vincent D. Pellegrini, Jr, MD; Deborah Simpson, PhD; Robert Milner, PhD; Nancy D. Spector, MD

Strategies for Navigating Authorship
Mary R. C. Haas, MD, MHPE; Lauren A. Maggio, PhD; Bridget C. O’Brien, PhD; Anthony R. Artino, Jr, PhD


Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Series

Addressing Patients as Sources of Microaggressions for Residents, Fellows, and Faculty
Danielle T. Miller, MD, MEd; Kirsten M. Wilkins, MD; Dotun Ogunyemi, MD

Building Inclusion and Belonging in Training Environments
Quentin R. Youmans, MD, MSc; Maria Maldonado, MD; Utibe R. Essien, MD, MPH; Katherine Lupton, MD

Implementing Systematic Culture Change to Improve Diversity in Graduate Medical Education
Herodotos Ellinas, MD, MHPE; Franklin Trimm, MD; David Kountz, MD; Jessica Bienstock, MD, MPH

Evidence-Based Inclusive Graduate Medical Education Recruitment Strategies   
Alda Maria Gonzaga, MD, MS, FAAP, FACP; Jyothi Marbin, MD, FAAP; Kyla Terhune, MD, MBA, FACS

A Practical Approach to Implicit Bias Training
Dotun Ogunyemi, MD

Countering Bias in Assessment
Adelaide H. McClintock, MD; Tyra Fainstad, MD; Joshua Jauregui, M; Lalena M. Yarris, MD, MCR

Words as Windows: Using Language to Move Toward an Inclusive Environment
Patcho N. Santiago, MD, MPH; Abigail W. Konopasky, PhD; Kenyon M. Railey, MD


Visual Media in Medical Education Series

Capturing and Articulating Visual Media as Scholarship
Avital Y. O'Glasser, MD, FACP, SFHM; Vineet M. Arora, MD, MAPP; Teresa M. Chan, MD, MHPE

Graphic Medicine in Graduate Medical Education
Theresa Maatman, MD, FACP; Michael J. Green, MD, MS, FACP; Matthew N. Noe, MSLS

Visual Media in Medical Education
Avraham Z. Cooper, MD; Adam Rodman, MD; Deborah Simpson, PhD

Infographics and Visual Abstracts
Shreya P. Trivedi, MD; Alvin Chin, MD; Andrew Ibrahim, MD, MS; Amy Ou, MD

Tweetorials for Medical Educators
Anthony C. Breu, MD; Hannah R. Abrams, MD; Kimberly D. Manning, MD; Avraham Z. Cooper, MD

Making Your Educational Data Visual
Tavinder K. Ark, PhD; Jorge A. Rodriguez, MD; Brent Thoma, MD, MA


Milestones 2.0 Supplement

Use and Potential Misuse of Milestones
Halah Ibrahim, MD, MEHP; M. Douglas Jones Jr, MD; Kathryn M. Andolsek, MD, MPH

Program Evaluation Series

A Standards-Based Checklist for Program Evaluation as Scholarly Activity
Dorene F. Balmer, PhD; Jennifer A. Rama, MD, MEd; Deborah Simpson, PhD

Program Evaluation: Getting Started and Standards
Dorene F. Balmer, PhD; Janet M. Riddle, MD; Deborah Simpson, PhD

Getting the Evaluation Focus Clear: A Shared Understanding of What Is Being Evaluated
Janet M. Riddle, MD; Amy Halverson, MD, MHPE; Michelle Barnes, MD

Blueprinting Program Evaluation Evidence Through the Lens of Key Stakeholders
Deborah Simpson, PhD; Janet M. Riddle, MD; David L. Hamel Jr, MD; Dorene F. Balmer, PhD

Blueprinting Evaluation Evidence: Data Sources and Methods
Janet M. Riddle, MD; Dorene F. Balmer, PhD; Deborah Simpson, PhD
Implementing the Evaluation Plan and Analysis: Who, What, When, and How
Dorene F. Balmer, PhD; Jennifer A. Rama, MD, MEd; Deborah Simpson, PhD
Effective Presentation of Your Evaluation Results: What, So What, Now What
Janet M. Riddle, MD; Dorene F. Balmer, PhD; Deborah Simpson, PhD

Career Transitions Rip Outs

How to Approach the First Physician Job Search
Avraham Z. Cooper, MD; Tricia La Fratta, MBA; Peter Clardy, MD; Kyla Terhune, MD, MBA, FACS

How to Write Your Curriculum Vitae
Barbara G. Jericho, MD, FASA; Jonathan S. Ilgen, MD, MCR; Rachel Gottlieb-Smith, MD; Deborah Simpson, PhD; Gail M. Sullivan, MD, MPH

Letters of Recommendation
Stephanie L. Bourque, MD, MSCS; Cheong Jun Lee, MD; M. Douglas Jones Jr, MD; Gail M. Sullivan, MD, MPH

Successfully Navigating the Physician Job Interview
Kendall E. Bradley, MD; Rance McClain, DO, FACOFP, FAOASM; Jeffrey S. Berger, MD, MBA; Kathryn M. Andolsek, MD, MPH, FAAFP

Contract Negotiations for Senior Trainees
Jeffrey S. Berger, MD, MBA; Geoffrey Ho, MBBS; Marian Sherman, MD; Katherine L. Charlton, JD

Preparing for the Transition to Your Next Career Role
Karen Marcdante, MD; Kjersti Knox, MD; Matthew Amidon, DO

Assessment Rip Outs

Using Chart Review and Chart-Stimulated Recall for Resident Assessment
Ingrid Philibert, PhD, MBA

Three Lenses on Learning: Frames for Residency Education
Laura K. Byerly, MD; Patricia S. O'Sullivan, EdD; Bridget C. O'Brien, PhD

Direct Observation Reassessed
Kathryn M. Andolsek, MD, MPH, FAAFP; Deborah Simpson, PhD

The view from over here: a framework for multi-source feedback
Holly A. Caretta-Weyer, MD; Aaron S. Kraut, MD; Joshua G. Kornegay, MD; Lalena M. Yarris, MD, MCR

Mini-sessions on assessment for continuous faculty development
Susan S. Johnston, EdD; Isaac A. Bohannon, MD; Byron D. Joyner, MD, MPA

Addendum: reducing diagnostic error by using educational milestones to organize curricula and assessment
William F. Iobst, MD; Robert Trowbridge, MD; Ingrid Philibert, PhD, MBA

Intraoperative assessment of residents
Paul Dougherty, MD; Steven J. Kasten, MD, MHPE, FACS; R. Kevin Reynolds, MD; Mark E. P. Prince, MD; Monica L. Lypson, MD

Assessing interpersonal communications skills: the use of standardized patients in graduate medical education
Sarah Middlemas, MPH; Hilary Haftel, MD, MHPE; Paula T. Ross, MA; Monica L. Lypson, MD, MHPE

Teaching and assessing critical reasoning through the use of entrustment
William F. Iobst, MD; Robert Trowbridge, MD; Ingrid Philibert, PhD, MBA

Communication Rip Outs

Improving written sign-outs through education and structured audit: the UPDATED approach
Allison S. DeKosky, MD; Ananya Gangopadhyaya, MD; Bobby Chan, MD; Vineet M. Arora, MD, MAPP

A practical approach to conflict management for program directors
Matthew Mossanen, MD; Susan S. Johnston, EdD; Jessica Green, BA; Byron D. Joyner, MD, MPA

Communicating your program's goals and objectives
Patricia B. Mullan, PhD; Monica L. Lypson, MD, MHPE

Leadership Rip Outs

Choosing When to Advise, Coach, or Mentor
Karen Marcdante, MD; Deborah Simpson, PhD

It all starts and ends with the program director
Monica Lypson, MD, MHPE; Deborah Simpson, PhD

Starting a clinical competency committee
Susan B. Promes, MD, MBA; Mary Jo Wagner, MD

Program and Resident Evaluation Rip Outs

Residents make their lists and program directors check them twice: reviewing case logs
Steven J. Kasten, MD, MHPE, FACS; Mark E. P. Prince, MD, FRCS(C); Monica L. Lypson, MD, MHPE, FACP

The year is over, now what? The annual program evaluation
Deborah Simpson, PhD; Monica Lypson, MD, MHPE

Using Hackathons to Transform Complex Educational Problems Into Innovative Prototypes
Alisha Brown, MD; Joshua Jauregui, MD; Anne K. Chipman, MD, MS; Jonathan S. Ilgen, MD, MCR

Qualitative Rip Out Series 

Necessary groundwork: planning a strong grounded theory study
Christopher Watling, MD, MMEd, PhD, FRCP(C); Sayra Cristancho, PhD; Sarah Wright, PhD, MBA; Lara Varpio, PhD

Using data from program evaluations for qualitative research
Dorene F. Balmer, PhD; Jennifer A. Rama, MD, MEd; Maria Athina (Tina) Martimianakis, PhD; Terese Stenfors-Hayes, PhD

Recognizing and responding to ethically important moments in qualitative research
Lindsay Baker, MEd, BEd; Shanon Phelan, PhD, OT; Ryan Snelgrove, MD; Lara Varpio, PhD; Julie Maggi, MD, FRCPC; Stella Ng, PhD, FAAA

Integrating theory into qualitative medical education research
Laura Nimmon, PhD; Elise Paradis, PhD; Brett Schrewe, MDCM, MA; Maria Mylopoulos, PhD

Design: selection of data collection methods
Elise Paradis, PhD; Bridget O'Brien, PhD; Laura Nimmon, PhD; Glen Bandiera, MD; Maria Athina (Tina) Martimianakis, PhD

Research design considerations
Sarah Wright, PhD, MBA; Bridget C. O'Brien, PhD; Laura Nimmon, PhD; Marcus Law, MD, MBA, MEd; Maria Mylopoulos, PhD

Answering the mail: replying to common questions about qualitative inquiry
Lara Varpio, PhD; Anthony R. Artino, Jr, PhD; The Qualitative Collaborative

Choosing a qualitative research approach
Arianne Teherani, PhD; Tina Martimianakis, PhD; Terese Stenfors-Hayes, PhD; Anupma Wadhwa, MD; Lara Varpio, PhD

Quality Improvement Rip Outs

The SQUIRE guidelines: a scholarly approach to quality improvement
Rory F. McQuillan, MD, MRCPI; Brian M. Wong, MD FRCPC

Promoting resident involvement in quality improvement initiatives through faculty involvement and curriculum
Sean R. Smith, MD; Rishi Bakshi, DO

Scholarly Activity Rip Outs

Staying Up to Date and Managing Information Overload
Lauren A. Maggio, PhD; Anthony R. Artino Jr, PhD

Team-based coaching approach to peer review: sharing service and scholarship
Lalena M. Yarris, MD, MCR; Deborah Simpson, PhD; Jonathan S. Ilgen, MD, MCR; Teresa M. Chan, MD, FRCPC, MHPE

Workshop preparation and presentation: a valuable form of scholarship for the clinician-educator
Carla L. Spagnoletti, MD, MS; Abby L. Spencer, MD, MS; Rachel A. Bonnema, MD, MS; Megan C. McNamara, MD, MSc; Melissa A. McNeil, MD, MPH

A guide to writing peer-reviewed publications: a common program requirement and resume builder
Preeti N. Malani, MD, MSJ; Monica L. Lypson, MD, MHPE

Community-engaged scholarship: meeting scholarly project requirements while advancing community health
Linda N. Meurer, MD, MPH; Sabina Diehr, MD

Meeting the scholarly project requirement—application of scholarship criteria beyond research
Deborah Simpson, PhD; Linda Meurer, MD, MPH; Diane Braza, MD

Simulation Rip Outs

Low-cost simulation: how-to guide
Herodotos Ellinas, MD, FAAP/FACP; Kathryn Denson, MD; Deborah Simpson, PhD

Simulation in graduate medical education: understanding uses and maximizing benefits
Stan Hamstra, PHD; Ingrid Philibert, PHD, MBA

Social Media Rip Outs

How to utilize blogs for residency education
Jay Khadpe, MD, FAAEM, FACEP; Nikita Joshi, MD

Podcasts: accessing, choosing, creating, and disseminating content
James Ahn, MD, FACEP; P. Charles Inboriboon, MD, MPH, FACEP; Michael C. Bond, MD, FACEP

Wikis: using collaborative platforms in graduate medical education
Daniel Cabrera, MD; Robert Cooney, MD, MSMedEd, FAAEM, FACEP

Getting started with online faculty development
Larry C. Hurtubise, MA; Teri L. Turner, MD, MPH, MEd; Cynthia H. Ledford, MD; John D. Mahan, MD

Creating a virtual journal club: a community of practice using multiple social media strategies
Michelle Lin, MD; Jonathan Sherbino, MD, MEd

Using Twitter in clinical education and practice
Lindsay Melvin, MD; Teresa Chan, HBSc, BEd, MD, FRCPC

Supervision Rip Outs

The View From Over Here: A Framework for Multi-Source Feedback
Holly A. Caretta-Weyer, MD; Aaron S. Kraut, MD; Joshua G. Kornegay, MD; Lalena M. Yarris, MD, MCR

Entrustment as assessment: recognizing the ability, the right, and the duty to act
Olle ten Cate, PhD

Nuts and bolts of entrustable professional activities
Olle ten Cate, PhD

Monitoring resident progress through mentored portfolios
Paul Dougherty, MD; Paula T. Ross, MA; Monica L. Lypson, MD, MHPE, FACP

SUPERB safety: improving supervision for medical specialty residents
Shannon K. Martin, MD; Jeanne M. Farnan, MD, MHPE

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