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Visual Abstract Guidelines for Authors of Accepted Papers


JGME welcomes visual abstracts from authors of accepted papers. You can read more from our editors about visual abstracts in "JGME Invites Visual Abstracts for Accepted Research Papers." See the guidelines below for creating and submitting. 

What is a visual abstract and why create one?

A visual abstract is a graphic summary of an article’s main findings. While it is not required, a visual abstract can increase the dissemination of your article to readers. Please review the JGME Visual Abstract: Content & Style Guide for instructions on JGME requirements and templates for your visual abstract.

How do I submit a visual abstract?

Visual abstracts will be reviewed by JGME editors for accepted papers. Approved visual abstracts will be included in the manuscript if completed by time of publication, as well as on the JGME website and disseminated on all JGME social media platforms (X/Twitter: @JournalofGME).

What are the guidelines and do you provide templates?

We encourage you to be creative with your visual abstracts and follow the JGME formatting guidelines laid out in the JGME Visual Abstract: Content & Style Guide and use our JGME visual abstract templates, preferred fonts (Lato and Baskerville), and logo. You can view all JGME visual abstracts here 

Helpful Resources

• Coleman CG. How to create a visual abstract.

• Spicer JO, Coleman CG. Creating visual abstracts guide.

• Dallaghan GL, Belfi LM, Houston KM, Jordan SG. See one, do one, share one—introducing visual abstracts in journal publication. Acad Radiol. 2022;29(4):591-597. doi:10.1016/j.acra.2021.05.027

• Andrew M. Ibrahim, MD, MSc. Resources ranging from a step by step approach for creating visual abstracts in PowerPoint via YouTube or website (click on the slides to see more examples and articles) to publications.






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