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Visual Abstracts

JGME started making these graphic summaries that convey key findings for select articles in 2020. Check back with each issue to find more.

December 2023


Only as Strong as the Weakest Link: Resident Perspectives on Entrustable Professional Activities and Their Impact on Learning

Eusang Ahn, MD, MS (MedEd), Dipl. KSEM, FRCPC; Kori A. LaDonna, PhD; Jeffrey M. Landreville, MD, MMed, FRCPC; Rawad Mcheimech, BA; Warren J. Cheung, MD, MMEd, FRCPC, DRCPSC


August 2023


Features of Effective Clinical Competency Committees

Kathleen Rowland, MD, MS; Deborah Edberg, MD; Lauren Anderson, PhD, MEd; Katherine Wright, PhD, MPH


The Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education Program: A Permanent Funding Imperative

Alexander P. Philips, BS; Eli Y. Adashi, MD, MS


 Program Misrepresentation in the Doximity Residency Navigator

Sarah C. Smith, MD, MS; Apolonia Elisabeth Abramowicz, MD, FASA


Post-Dobbs: The Consequences of Abortion Bans on Complex Family Planning Training

Natalie DiCenzo, MD; Marisa Giglio, MD


June 2023



Networking in Academic Medicine: Keeping an Eye on Equity

Sherine Salib, MD, MRCP, FACP; F. Parker Hudson, MD, MPH, FACP



An Anti-Racism and Equity Initiative Improves Residency Educational Conferences

Aisha K. James, MD, MEd; Madeleine I. Matthiesen, MD; Rashmi Jasrasaria, MD; Amanda R. Jowell, BA; Michael S. Kelly, MD; Darshali A. Vyas, MD; Jessica A. Zeidman, MD; Sherri-Ann M. Burnett-Bowie, MD, MPH



Resident Physician Perspectives on Mindfulness Education in Residency: A Multispecialty Qualitative Assessment of Clinical Care Impact

Vincent Minichiello, MD; Sarah Webber, MD



Implementation of a Problem-Based Presentation Format to Improve Residents' Ambulatory Patient Presentations

Starr S. Steinhilber, MD, MPH; Erin D. Snyder, MD; Carlos A. Estrada, MD, MS; Ryan R. Kraemer, MD


Enhancing Resident Education by Embedding Improvement Specialists Into a Quality and Safety Curriculum

Kathryn L. Levy, MD; Katie Grzyb, BSE, MHSA; Lauren A. Heidemann, MD, MHPE; Debra Burke Paliani, MSME; Christopher Grondin, MD; Gabriel Solomon, MD; Elizabeth Spranger, BA; Tammy Ellies, MBA, PMP; David Ratz, MS; Nathan Houchens, MD



Lessons From the Delta

Alyssa A. Vigliotti, MD


Anticipated Impact of Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health Organization on Training of Residents in Obstetrics and Gynecology: A Qualitative Analysis

Cara L. Grimes, MD, MAS; Gabriela Halder, MD, MPH; A. Jenna Beckham, MD, MSPH; Shunaha Kim-Fine, MD, MS; Rebecca Rogers, MD; Cheryl Iglesia, MD, FACOG



A Eulogy for the Match

Eric J. Warm, MD; Danielle Weber, MD, MEd; Benjamin Kinnear, MD, MEd

April 2023



Into the Unknown: Characterizing Fellow Uncertainty During the Transition to Unsupervised Practice

Daniel Herchline, MD, MSEd, et al


December 2022



Do Lower Costs for Applicants Come at the Expense of Program Perception? A Cross-Sectional Survey Study of Virtual Residency Interviews

Sheri Wang, MD; Zachary Denham, MD; Elizabeth A. Ungerman, MD, MS;
Lindsay Stollings, MD et al


Vulnerable yet Unprotected: The Hidden Curriculum of the Care of the Incarcerated Patient

Michelle Ihn Suh, MD, MAT; Marc David Robinson, MD


The Costliness of US Residency Applications: Moving Toward Preference Signaling and Caps

Joshua Allen Cole, MD; Avital Brena Ludomirsky, MD, MPP

October 2022


An Analysis of Underrepresented in Medicine Away Rotation Scholarships in Surgical Specialties

Sophie L. Bernstein, BA; Chapman Wei, MD; Alex Gu, MD; Joshua C. Campbell, MD; Duretti Fufa, MD


August 2022



Resting and Recharging: A Narrative Review of Strategies to Improve Sleep During Residency Training

Joyce Redinger, MD; Emmad Kabil, MD; Katherine T. Forkin, MD; Amanda M. Kleiman, MD; Lauren K. Dunn, MD, PhD

June 2022


AuduBon-Bons: Bite-Sized Learning for Residents in the Ambulatory Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic

Elizabeth M. Will, MD; Chloe L. Altchek, MD; Hemangi P. Shukla, DO; Rini B. Ratan, MD


April 2022


Four Lessons to Take From Athena—Without Disguising Oneself as the Mortal, Mentor

Kyle Cassling, MD, MEd; Cary B. Aarons, MD, MSEd; Kyla Terhune, MD, MBA


February 2022


Literature Reviews: Key Considerations and Tips From Knowledge Synthesis Librarians

Robin Parker, MLIS; Lindsey Sikora, MISt




Improvisation in the Time of a Pandemic: Field Notes on Resilience

Ankit Mehta, MD, FHM, FACP; David Fessell, MD

December 2021


Virtual Social Events: An Integral Component of Recruitment in the New Era of Graduate Medical Education

Nicholas M. Heitkamp, MD, MSc; Lucas E. Morgan, MD


October 2021


LGBTQ+ Equity in Virtual Residency Recruitment: Innovations and Recommendations

Rebecca Raymond-Kolker, MD; Adlai Grayson, MD; Nicholas Heitkamp, MD, MSc; Lucas E. Morgan, MD


Demonstrating Your Work: A Guide to Educators' Portfolios for Graduate Medical Educators

Ryanne J. Mayersak, MD, MS; Lalena M. Yarris, MD MCR; Rebecca C. Tuttle, MD, MS; David C. Jones, MD MCR; Anna M. Nelson, MD, PhD; Rachel R. Bengtzen, MD; Joshua G. Kornegay, MD; Holly A. Caretta-Weyer, MD, MHPE


August 2021


An Analysis of Gender Bias in Plastic Surgery Resident Assessment

Carisa M. Cooney, MPH, CCRP; Pathik Aravind, MBBS; C. Scott Hultman, MD, MBA, FACS; Kristen P. Broderick, MD; Robert A. Weber, MD; Sebastian Brooke, MD;Damon S. Cooney, MD, PhD; Scott D. Lifchez, MD


Unheard Voices: A Qualitative Study of Resident Perspectives on Remediation

Sara M. Krzyzaniak, MD; Bonnie Kaplan, MD, MS; Daniella Lucas, MD; Elizabeth Bradley, PhD; Stephen J. Wolf, MD

June 2021


#LatinasInMedicine: Using the Hashtag to Build Community in Medicine

Briana Christophers (@BriChristophers), Narjust Duma (@NarjustDumaMD), María C. Mora Pinzón (@mariacmorap)


Valuing Scholarship by Manuscript Reviewers: A Call to Action

Deborah Simpson, Lalena M. Yarris, Anthony R. Artino, Gail M. Sullivan



Race and Gender Bias in Internal Medicine Program Director Letters of Recommendation

Neil Zhang, Sarah Blissett, David Anderson, Patricia O'Sullivan, Atif Qasi


April 2021


Comparing 2 Approaches for the File Review of Residency Applications

Nada Gawad, MD, Julia Younan, Chelsea Towaij, Isabelle Raiche



The Feasibility of Blinding Residency Programs to USMLE Step1 Scores During GME Application, Interview, and Match Processes

Kathy W. Smith, Richard Amini, Madhulika Banerjee, Conrad J. Clemens


February 2021


The Annual Institutional Review—Key Performance Measures and Processes

Shayla Amos, Jean B. Wiggins, Eric K. Shaw, William N. Hannah, Jr



Podcasting: A Medium for Amplifying Racial Justice Discourse, Reflection, and Representation Within Graduate Medical Education

Salmaan Kamal, Shreya P. Trivedi, Utibe R. Essien, and Saman Nematollahi



December 2020



Art in Medical Education: A Review

Yoseph Dalia, Emily C. Milam, and Evan A. Rieder




On Blast: A Framework for Monitoring and Responding to Online Comments About Your Graduate Medical Education Program

Ryan J.J. Buckley, Charles Brown, Samantha Stringer, Tatiana Moylan, Robert Huang, Mary Haas



October 2020



Fostering Certainty in an Uncertain Era of Virtual Residency Interviews

Sepideh Ashrafzadeh and Vinod E. Nambudiri




Reimagining Residency Selection: Part 1—A Practical Guide to Recruitment in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Mary R. C. Haas, Shuhan He, Kevan Sternberg, Jaime Jordan, Nicole M. Deiorio, Teresa M. Chan and Lalena M. Yarris





Trainees' Perceptions of the Transition From Medical School to Residency

Sarah G. Bell, Emily K. Kobernik, Jesse Burk-Rafel, David T. Hughes, Jocelyn Schiller, Lauren A. Heidemann and Helen K. Morgan


August 2020



Teaching During a Pandemic

Jeffrey W. Redinger, Paul B. Cornia and Tyler J. Albert





Medical Education Scholarship During a Pandemic: Time to Hit the Pause Button, or Full Speed Ahead?

Gail M. Sullivan, Deborah Simpson, Anthony R. Artino Jr, Nicole M. Deiorio and Lalena M. Yarris


June 2020

Swimming With Sharks: Teaching Residents Value-Based Medicine and Quality Improvement Through Resident-Pitched Projects

Matthew S. Durstenfeld, Scott Statman, Kerrilynn Carney, Brigette Cohan, Brian Bosworth, Kevin Hauck and Andrew Dikman




A Professional Development Workshop to Facilitate Self-Forgiveness

Dotun Ogunyemi, Nathaniel I. Sugiyama and Thomas M. Ferrari



April 2020


Improving Well-Being Among Trainees: A Partnership to Reduce Barriers to Primary Care Services

Christelle Tan, Catherine Kuhn, John Anderson, Alexander Borun, David A. Turner, Krista Whalen and Kevin Shah



February 2020

Reforming the Match: A Proposal for a New 3-Phase System

Joseph G. Monir


Envisioning the Future of Academic Writing

Lalena M. Yarris, Anthony R. Artino Jr, Nicole M. Deiorio, Olle ten Cate, Gail M. Sullivan and Deborah Simpson


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