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A collection of JGME articles on resident and faculty well-being, wellness interventions, and other efforts to enhance well-being


Impact of Opt-Out Therapy Appointments on Resident Physicians’ Mental Health, Well-Being, Stigma, and Willingness to Engage
Taylor Kevern, PhD, MSW, MEd; D. Rob Davies, PhD; Katie Stiel, LCSW, MEd; Sonja Raaum, MD, FACP


To the Editor: Children of Residents: What About Their Well-Being?
Lindsay Buzzelli, BS; Conrad Krawiec, MD

Presence, Resilience, and Compassion Training in Clinical Education (PRACTICE): A Follow-Up Evaluation of a Resident-Focused Wellness Program
Richard R. Szuster, MD; Jane Onoye, PhD; Courtenay Matsu, MD

Assessing Well-Being in Milestones 2.0: A Case for Flourishing-Focused Advising
David Vermette, MD, MBA; Benjamin Doolittle, MD, MDiv; Katherine Ann Gielissen, MD, MHS

Resting and Recharging: A Narrative Review of Strategies to Improve Sleep During Residency Training
Joyce Redinger, MD; Emmad Kabil, MD; Katherine T. Forkin, MD; Amanda M. Kleiman, MD; Lauren K. Dunn, MD, PhD


Resident Well-Being Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Anita K. Blanchard, MD; Jeremy Podczerwinski, BS; Megham Freytag Twiss, MA, MDiv; Candice Norcott, PhD; Royce Lee, MD; Amber T. Pincavage, MD

Skills-Based Programs Used to Reduce Physician Burnout in Graduate Medical Education: A Systematic Review
Taylor S. Vasquez, MA; Julia Close, MD; Carma L. Bylund, PhD, FACH

Dark Clouds With Silver Linings: Resident Anxieties About COVID-19 Coupled With Program Innovations and Increased Resident Well-Being
Larissa E. Wietlisbach, BSA; David A. Asch, MD, MBA; Whitney Eriksen, PhD, RN; Frances K. Barg, PhD, MEd; Lisa M. Bellini, MD; Sanjay V. Desai, MD; Abdul-Rakeem Yakubu; Judy A. Shea, PhD

Motivation: An Integral Component of Resident Well-Being
Amber Deptola, MD

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Building Community for Underrepresented in Medicine Graduate Medical Education Trainees
Agnes Usoro, MD; Meron Hirpa, MD; Michael Daniel, MD; Vandra Harris, MD; Alisha Ware, MD; Amber Kernodle, MD, MPH; Thomas Elliott, MD; Damani A. Piggott, MD, PhD; Jessica L. Bienstock, MD, MPH

Universal Well-Being Assessment Associated With Increased Resident Utilization of Mental Health Resources and Decrease in Professionalism Breaches
Sarah Sofka, MD, FACP; Nathan Lerfald, MD, FACP; Josephine Reece, MD, FACP; Laura Davisson, MD, MPH, FACP; Janie Howsare, LCTSW, MPA; Jesse Thompson, PhD



Ghosts in the Exam Room, Empathy, and Physician Well-Being
Sheldon Levy, PhD, MPH; Rebekah Schiefer, MSW, LCSW; John Muench, MD, MPH

A National Curriculum to Address Professional Fulfillment and Burnout in OB-GYN Residents
Abigail Ford Winkel, MD, MHPE; Sigrid B. Tristan, MD; Margaret Dow, MD; Carrie Racsumberger, MS; Erica Bove, MD; Darya Valantsevich, DES; Mark B. Woodland, MD

Measuring Flourishing Among Internal Medicine and Psychiatry Residents
Margot Kelly-Hedrick, MBE; Madeline M. Rodriguez, MD; Anne E. Ruble, MD, MPH; Scott M. Wright, MD; Margaret S. Chisolm, MD

Burnout and Protective Factors: Are They the Same Amid a Pandemic?
Herodotos Ellinas, MD; Elizabeth Ellinas, MD

A Professional Development Workshop to Facilitate Self-Forgiveness
Dotun Ogunyemi, MD, FACOG, MFM; Nathaniel I. Sugiyama, MD; Thomas M. Ferrari, PhD

Improving Well-Being Among Trainees: A Partnership to Reduce Barriers to Primary Care Services
Christelle Tan, BS; Catherine Kuhn, MD; John Anderson, MD, MPH; Alexander Borun, MD; David A. Turner, MD; Krista Whalen, BS; Kevin Shah, MD, MBA

My Office Is Always Open: Reflections From a Behavioral Medicine Specialist in Graduate Medical Education
Heidi Allespach, PhD

The WIT and the WES: Tools for Categorizing and Evaluating Physician Well-Being Programs
Ingrid Philibert, PhD, MA, MBA; Lyuba Konopasek, MD




Using Show-and-Tell Rounds to Enhance Camaraderie Among Residents
Heidi Allespach, PhD; David Cohen, EdD; Joan St. Onge, MD, MPH; Kassandra Bosire, MD; Shawn Banks, MD

Threats to Reliability and Validity With Resident Wellness Surveying Efforts
Nital P. Appelbaum, PhD; Sally A. Santen, MD, PhD; Scott Vota, DO; Lauren Wingfield, MD; Roy Sabo, PhD; Nicholas Yaghmour, MPP

Small Mistakes, Tragic Outcomes
Ricardo Guerra, MD

Call to Action: Universal Policy to Support Residents and Fellows Who Are Breastfeeding
Helen M. Johnson, MD; Katrina B. Mitchell, MD, IBCLC; Rebecca A. Snyder, MD, MPH

One of the Many
Shannon E. Scott-Vernaglia, MD

Failure in Residency Education: Lessons Learned From Harry Potter, Oprah Winfrey, and the Marigold Hotel
Benjamin R. Doolittle, MD, MDIV

Disaster Plans: Resident Involvement and Well-Being During Hurricane Harvey
Kirsty Hillier, MD; Janaki Paskaradevan, MD; J. Kevin Wilkes, MD; Emily S. Copeland, MD



Expanding the Conversation on Burnout Through Conceptions of Role Strain and Role Conflict
Lara Varpio, PhD; Rashawn Ray, PhD; Ting Dong, PhD; Jeff Hutchinson, MD; Steven J. Durning, MD, PhD, FACP

Caring for the Survivors When a Resident or Fellow Dies
Russell K. McAllister, MD; Maxine Trent, MS

Psychotherapist Perspectives on Resident Wellness
Emilie S. Bhe, MD; Mark E. Servis, MD

The Correlation of Stress in Residency With Future Stress and Burnout: A 10-Year Prospective Cohort Study
John Raimo, MD, FACP; Sean LaVine, MD, FACP; Kelly Spielmann, MS; Meredith Akerman, MS; Karen A. Friedman, MD, FACP; Kyle Katona, MD, FACP; Saima Chaudhry, MD, MSHS

When a Resident or Fellow Dies
Chandlee C. Dickey, MD; Barbara Cannon, MD

In Defense of Family Leave in Surgical Residency
Kathleen M. O'Neill, MD; Nina R. Horowitz, MD; Peter S. Yoo, MD

The Stroke Pager
Casey N. McQuade, MD

In the “Dog Days” of Training, Find Your Well of Motivation, and Keep Going Back
Omar Viswanath, MD

Utilizing Employee Assistance Programs for Resident Wellness
William Graessle, MD; Martha Matthews, MD; Elizabeth Staib, LCSW CEAP; Antoinette Spevetz, MD

Wellness Opportunities: Sometimes It Is “Just Time Off”
Lauren Licatino, MD; Susan Moeschler, MD

Recovery From the Burnout Epidemic: How the Academic Community Can Help (Commentary)
Abigail Ford Winkel, MD, MHPE

Implementing a Universal Well-Being Assessment to Mitigate Barriers to Resident Utilization of Mental Health Resources
Sarah Sofka, MD, FACP; Carl Grey, MD; Nathan Lerfald, MD, FACP; Laura Davisson, MD, FACP; Janie Howsare, LCTSW, MPA

Improving Resident Use of Mental Health Resources: It's Time for an Opt-Out Strategy to Address Physician Burnout and Depression (Commentary)
Maneesh Batra, MD, MPH; Heather McPhillips, MD, MPH; Richard Shugerman, MD

Burnout and Wellness: Another Answer
Daniel S. Orlovich, MD, PharmD

“It's Not Just Time Off”: A Framework for Understanding Factors Promoting Recovery From Burnout Among Internal Medicine Residents
Nauzley C. Abedini, MD; Shobha W. Stack, MD, PhD; Jessie L. Goodman, MD, MHS; Kenneth P. Steinberg, MD


Work Hour Limits Versus Wellness Interventions in Reducing Resident Burnout
Abigail Ford Winkel, MD, MHPE, FACOG; Nathalie Feldman, MD
Health in Residency: The Dilemma of Caring for Yourself
Justin M. Wei, MD; Camilo Fernandez-Salvador, MD; Macario Camacho, MD
A Curriculum to Enhance Resilience in Internal Medicine Interns
Amber-Nicole Bird, MD; Michelle Martinchek, MD; Amber T. Pincavage, MD
Efficacy of Interventions to Reduce Resident Physician Burnout: A Systematic Review
Kiran R. Busireddy, MD; Jonathan A. Miller, MD; Kathleen Ellison, MD; Vicky Ren, MD; Rehan Qayyum, MD, MHS, FAHA; Mukta Panda, MD, FACP
“Back to Bedside”: Residents' and Fellows' Perspectives on Finding Meaning in Work
Dustin M. Hipp, MD, MBA; Kristy L. Rialon, MD; Kathryn Nevel, MD; Anai N. Kothari, MD, MS; Dinchen A. Jardine, LCDR, MD, MS



Wellness in Graduate Medical Education: Is It Time to Pull the Andon Cord?
Meghan M. Walsh, MD, MPH

Empowering Trainees to Aim For Physician Wellness
Yul D. Ejnes, MD, MACP

Feasibility of a Comprehensive Wellness and Suicide Prevention Program: A Decade of Caring for Physicians in Training and Practice
Sydney Ey, PhD; Mary Moffit, PhD; J. Mark Kinzie, MD, PhD; Patrick H. Brunett, MD

Developing Emotional Intelligence in the Clinical Learning Environment: A Case Study in Cultural Transformation
Joanne Cohen-Katz, PhD; Jeffrey L. Sternlieb, PhD; Susan E. Hansen, MA; Julie A. Dostal, MD

Well-Being in Residency: A Systematic Review
Kristin S. Raj, MD

The Burnout Conundrum: Nature Versus Nurture?
Gail M. Sullivan, MD, MPH

The Effect of Burnout on Medical Errors and Professionalism in First-Year Internal Medicine Residents
Jason Kwah, MD; Jennifer Weintraub, MD; Robert Fallar, PhD; Jonathan Ripp, MD, MPH

Operation La Sierra: A Novel Wellness Initiative for Neurological Surgery Residents
Kyle M. Fargen, MD, MPH; Alejandro M. Spiotta, MD; Raymond D. Turner, MD; Sunil Patel, MD

Welcome Interns: May I Have Your Attention?
Gaetan Sgro, MD

A Randomized Controlled Trial to Decrease Job Burnout in First-Year Internal Medicine Residents Using a Facilitated Discussion Group Intervention
Jonathan A. Ripp, MD, MPH; Robert Fallar, PhD; Deborah Korenstein, MD

The Role of Professional Identity Formation in Balancing Residency Service Versus Educational Needs
Mirabelle Sajisevi, MD; Reason Wilken, MD; Walter T Lee, MD, MHSc

The Importance of an Environment Conducive to Education
George E. Thibault, MD

Thoughts at the Groin
Bibhu D. Mohanty, MD

A Strategic Approach to Implementation of Medical Mentorship Programs
Thomas J. Caruso, MD, MEHP; Diane H. Steinberg, PhD; Nancy Piro, PhD; Kimberly Walker, PhD; Rebecca Blankenburg, MD, MPH; Caroline Rassbach, MD; Juan L. Marquez, MD; Laurence Katznelson, MD; Ann Dohn, MA

The Administrative Psychiatric Evaluation
Nicholas D. Lawson, MD; Adina L. Kalet, MD, MPH


Promoting Success: A Professional Development Coaching Program for Interns in Medicine
Kerri Palamara, MD; Carol Kauffman, PhD, ABPP; Valerie E. Stone, MD, MPH; Hasan Bazari, MD; Karen Donelan, ScD, EdM

Confessions of Physicians: What Systemic Reporting Does Not Uncover
Suzanne B. Karan, MD; Jeffrey S. Berger, MD, MBA; Michael Wajda, MD

Post-Code PTSD Symptoms in Internal Medicine Residents Who Participate in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Events: A Mixed Methods Study
Christine Kolehmainen, MD, MS; Anne Stahr, MS; Anna Kaatz, PhD, MPH; Meghan Brennan, MD, MS; Bennett Vogelman, MD; Jessica Cook, PhD; Molly Carnes, MD, MS

Promotion of Wellness and Mental Health Awareness Among Physicians in Training: Perspective of a National, Multispecialty Panel of Residents and Fellows
Timothy J. Daskivich, MD, MSHPM; Dinchen A. Jardine, LCDR, MD, MS; Jennifer Tseng, MD; Ricardo Correa, MD, EsD; Brian C. Stagg, MD; Kristin M. Jacob, MD; Jared L. Harwood, MD

Predictors of Well-Being in Resident Physicians: A Descriptive and Psychometric Study
Aliya Kassam, PhD; Joan Horton, MD; Ilya Shoimer, MD; Scott Patten, MD, PhD


Burnout and Physical Activity in Minnesota Internal Medicine Resident Physicians
Shawn M. Olson, MD, MPH; Nnaemeka U. Odo, MD, MPH; Alisa M. Duran, MD, FACP; Anne G. Pereira, MD, MPH, FACP; Jeffrey H. Mandel, MD, MPH

Hospitalized Patients' Perceptions of Resident Fatigue, Duty Hours, and Continuity of Care
Brian C. Drolet, MD; Charles H. Hyman, BA; Kimeya F. Ghaderi, BS; Joshua Rodriguez-Srednicki, BA; Jordan M. Thompson, BS; Staci A. Fischer, MD

Impact of Protected Sleep Period for Internal Medicine Interns on Overnight Call on Depression, Burnout, and Empathy
Judy A. Shea, PhD; Lisa M. Bellini, MD; David F. Dinges, PhD; Meredith L. Curtis, BA; Yuanyuan Tao, MS; Jingsan Zhu, MBA, MS; Dylan S. Small, PhD; Mathias Basner, MD, PhD, MSc; Laurie Norton, MA; Cristina Novak, BA; C. Jessica Dine, MD, MHSP; Ilene M. Rosen, MD, MSCE; Kevin G. Volpp, MD, PhD

Use of Health Care Services by Pediatrics Residents: A CORNET Study
Kristina Simeonsson, MD, MSPH; John Olsson, MD; Nui Dhepyasuwan, MEd; Jan Drutz, MD; Jacques Benun, MD; Janet R. Serwint, MD

Ability of the Physician Well-Being Index to Identify Residents in Distress
Liselotte N. Dyrbye, MD, MHPE; Daniel Satele, BA; Jeff Sloan, PhD; Tait D. Shanafelt, MD


Weighing in on Residents' Body Mass Index: A Teachable Moment for Physicians and Patients Alike?
Felipe Lobelo, MD, PhD, FAHA; Isabel Garcia de Quevedo, MSPH

“If You Build It, They Will Come”: Attitudes of Medical Residents and Fellows About Seeking Services in a Resident Wellness Program
Sydney Ey, PhD; Mary Moffit, PhD; J. Mark Kinzie, MD, PhD; Dongseok Choi, PhD; Donald E. Girard, MD, MACP

Overweight Physicians During Residency: A Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Study
Maya Leventer-Roberts, MD, MPH; Mark R. Zonfrillo, MD, MSCE; Sunkyung Yu, MSc; James D. Dziura, PhD; David M. Spiro, MD, MPH

The Case for On-Site Child Care in Residency Training and Afterward
Rebecca A. Snyder, MD, MPH; Margaret J. Tarpley, MLS; Sharon E. Phillips, MSPH; Kyla P. Terhune, MD

Burnout, Coping, and Spirituality Among Internal Medicine Resident Physicians
Benjamin R. Doolittle, MD, MDiv; Donna M. Windish, MD, MPH; Charles B. Seelig, MD, MS

Turned Off and Burned Out: What Will It Take for “Front-Line” Medicine to Tune Back In?
Colin P. West, MD, PhD

2012 JGME Articles

A Systematic Review of the Prevalence of Patient Assaults Against Residents
Stephanie Kwok, MD; Britta Ostermeyer, MD; John Coverdale, MD, MEd

Baseline Sleep Dysfunction Among Matriculating Interns
Samantha J. Pulliam, MD; Debra F. Weinstein, MD; Atul Malhotra, MD; Eric A. Macklin, PhD; Lori R. Berkowitz, MD


The Effect of the Hidden Curriculum on Resident Burnout and Cynicism
Martha E. Billings, MD; Michael E. Lazarus, MD; Marjorie Wenrich, MPH; J. Randall Curtis, MD, MPH; Ruth A. Engelberg, PhD


Utilization and Barriers to Mental Health Services Among Depressed Medical Interns: A Prospective Multisite Study
Constance Guille, MD; Heather Speller, BA; Rachel Laff, MD; C. Neill Epperson, MD; Srijan Sen, MD, PhD


Burnout During Residency Training: A Literature Review
Waguih William IsHak, MD, FAPA; Sara Lederer, PsyD; Carla Mandili, MD; Rose Nikravesh, DO; Laurie Seligman, MA; Monisha Vasa, MD; Dotun Ogunyemi, MD; Carol A. Bernstein, MD

Changing the Conversation From Burnout to Wellness: Physician Well-being in Residency Training Programs
Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt, PhD; Anne Van Dyke, PhD; David Lick, MD; Jennifer Tucciarone, MD

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