A 40-yr-old female red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) was presented for acute lethargy and anorexia of 48 h duration. A dorsoventral radiograph revealed a single hypercalcified egg within the left oviduct. Hematology and plasma biochemical values were considered normal for a gravid turtle. Administration of oxytocin failed to induce oviposition. Prefemoral salpingotomy with the aid of carbon dioxide laser facilitated removal of a necrotic egg after fragmentation of the egg in situ. Endoscopic examination of the lumen of the oviduct (salpingoscopy) through the salpingotomy incision provided direct visualization of oviductal mucosa, ruled out obstructive lesions, and confirmed complete removal of the egg and its contents. The turtle's appetite returned to normal 24 h after surgery.

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