Self-Assessment Color Review, Reptiles and Amphibians (2nd ed.). 2016. Frederic L. Frye, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Boca Raton, Florida. 244 pp.

As is written on the back cover, “Much has happened in the 19 years since the publication of the first edition,” and this text is sure confirmation.

Dr. Frye has not let us down. I read the first edition and found it a very valuable teaching tool, presenting cases that were divided as familiar, vaguely familiar, and some that just taught me that there is much more to learn. As I started to read through this edition, not knowing what might be changed, I found myself in the same seat from nearly two decades ago where I found all three categories of clinical medicine in such a relevant book.

The forward by the author sets the stage well; it is an eloquent statement of the philosophy behind...

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